We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so that what you sleep ON is a big part of your skin care routine! A high percentage of us sleep on our sides which can distort, scrunch and stretch the delicate skin on your face creating creases. Over the years, these creases and lines worsen and become permanent wrinkles. This is due to the skin becoming more fragile with age, as your collagen and elastin grow less resilient, meaning the skin takes more time to repair itself. 99% of the population sleeps on pillowcases made from cotton or synthetic material- but they do not slip and absorb the moisture from your skin and hair.

Our luxury mulberry silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks are made of perfectly smooth fibers. The surface of our silk products allow the skin to glide and alleviates friction.

Mulberry silk contains 18 amino acids and proteins - which prevent skin aging

It is so soft that skin and hair glide along it, no more bed hair or skin crease

Mulberry silk does not absorb your night creams and allow them to penetrate the skin.




Smooth surface allows your skin glide across pillowcase without creasing.

This prevents sleep and permanent wrinkles.

Mulberry silk helps to lock moisture in your skin. Natural silk also contains amino acids and proteins that hydrate your skin and aid collagen production.

Silk surface does not damage the hair and reduce friction. It helps to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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